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Board of Trustees

Mohawk Valley Health System Board of Directors

President/CEO Scott H. Perra, FACHE

Chairman of the Board - Honorable Norman Siegel

Other board members:

  • Domenic Aiello, MD

  • Barbara Brodock

  • Catherine Cominsky

  • Joan Compson

  • Gregory Evans

  • Maria Gesualdo, DO

  • Todd Hutton, PhD

  • Andrew Kowalczyk III, Esq.

  • Gregory McLean

  • John Sperling, MD

  • Stephen Sweet

  • Richard Tantillo

  • Symeon Tsoupelis

  • Mark Warfel, DO

  • Bonnie Woods

  • Eric Yoss, MD

  • Richard Zweifel

Partners in Franciscan Ministries
Thomas H. Dennison, Ph.D (ex officio, Board of Trustees)


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