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Franciscan Values



  • We show respect for all people of all cultures, races, and creeds

  • We seek to understand, appreciate, and celebrate the gift of diversity

  • We invite all those involved in our ministries to extend the Mission of the Sisters

  • We process and make decisions in light of the impact on individuals and seek the “Common Good”

  • We establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with all persons that are characterized by reverence and openness

Justice and Peace
  • We collaborate with others to maximize resources and improve services

  • We steward our resources that the marginalized may be served

  • We take a stand against practices that are unjust and abuse any aspect of life

  • We promote justice through fair employment and service practices

  • We advocate for those who have no voice in society

  • We engage in mission discernment practices

Ongoing Conversion
  • We initiate and participate in reconciliation

  • We affirm and support the need for growth and change in persons, ministries, corporations, and systems

  • We encourage personal, spiritual, emotional, physical, and professional development

  • We create opportunities for reflection on God’s presence and mission in our lives and in our work

  • We commit to processes and practices that ensure permeation and integration of mission and values

Compassionate Service
  • We serve out of an unconditional love for our brothers and sisters

  • We attend to the needs of the whole person: physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and relational

  • We take risks that are necessary to stand with those in need

  • We sustain a spirit of faith, hope, and joy even in difficult times

  • We identify and respond to the needs of the community; we share in dialogue with the people

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