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Mother Bernardina Charity Care Program

To support our mission, the Mother Bernardina Charity Care Program is available to help those in need of healthcare, who cannot afford it and who meet the program eligibility requirements.

Mother Bernardina was a Franciscan Sister who founded St. Elizabeth Medical Center and began caring for patients in a donated house in Utica in 1866. In 2003, the Medical Center renamed the Charity Care Program the Mother Bernardina Charity Care Program.

Our Charity Care Program takes into consideration the patient’s total family income in determining eligibility. No consideration is made for the value of their home or other assets. It covers all services provided by the Medical Center and the Medical Center’s employed physicians. It is based on the Federal Poverty Level with limits up to 220% of the Federal Poverty Level, and is updated annually to keep pace with inflation. Patient’s who are enrolled in the Program have all of their accounts zero balanced and owe the Medical Center nothing.

In 2009, the Medical Center allocated over $2.7 million to over 3,900 accounts related to the Mother Bernardina Charity Care Program. The Mother Bernardina Charity Care Program is just one component of the free care given to those in need in our community. When added to the amount of bad debt and uncompensated care, the Medical Center provided over $10 million in free care last year to those in need.

In most cases, the total hospital bill requires no patient responsibility. In certain instances, when an applicant earns more than the minimum income, a small cost-share amount may be billed. The program is limited to services billed by St. Elizabeth Medical Center.

If you are interested in applying for the Mother Bernardina Charity Care Program, please print, complete and mail in the Charity Care form.

Mail to:
St. Elizabeth Medical Center
Attention: Business Office
2215 Genesee St. Utica, NY 13501

If you have questions please contact the Business Office at 315-801-3108.

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