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St. Elizabeth Medical Center shall provide compassionate healthcare and continually improve processes and services to create an enthusiastic relationship with our patients/ customers.

Defining Quality

While the idea of providing quality healthcare is easy to agree on, defining and measuring quality is quite a bit more challenging. The Institute of Medicine defines quality of care as that which “increases the likelihood of desired health outcomes” and is “consistent with current professional knowledge”.

St. Elizabeth has expanded this definition and considers quality
to have these components:

What is the patient’s medical condition following his or her visit here? This would include things like mortality rates and complication rates following surgery.

Was the patient harmed or injured during his or her visit here? This would include things like hospital acquired infections, injuries from falls, medication-related problems, etc.

Did the patient receive the proper care during his or her visit, based on “current professional knowledge”? This is also referred to as evidence – based practice. This includes things like giving the correct drug, performing the recommended procedure, following generally accepted practices, etc.

Were services provided in a timely manner? This includes things like how quickly heart attack victims have their blockage relieved, how long patients spend in the Emergency Department and how long it takes to get test results back.

Were our healthcare resources used inefficiently? This includes things such as using a more expensive treatment when a less expensive one is just as effective, hospital stays longer than medically necessary or readmissions to the hospital within a short time after discharge.

Was the patient satisfied with his or her care here? This includes things such as receiving information about their diagnoses and treatments, communication with nurses and doctors, even the quality of the food.

Measuring Quality

In order to tell if care is getting better
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Reporting Quality

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