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Reporting Quality

A large number of organizations issue quality reports on hospital care. These include the federal government (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services – CMS), the state government (New York State Department of Health), payer organizations (Leapfrog Group), commercial companies (HealthGrades) and even consumer publications (Consumer Reports).

How should someone go about making sense of all this confusing and at times contradictory information? We recommend the federal ( and state ( government websites, rather than the non-governmental organizations. The rating systems and methods listed by some non-governmental organizations have been found to be flawed and misleading.

The CMS Website, Hospital Compare, has information on several quality aspects:  appropriateness, outcomes, timeliness, efficiency, and patient experience. It also allows you to compare up to 3 hospitals’ results simultaneously.

The NYS Department of Health Website provides outcome data on cardiac surgery and angioplasties as well as rates of hospital acquired infections.

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