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Community Benefit

Community Benefits
are programs or activities that provide treatment and/or promote health and healing as a response to identified community needs. St. Elizabeth Medical Center provides many outreach and community-based services to people in our community.

When members of the public attend events or forums highlight topics such as cardiac health, orthopedic services or the H1N1 virus, they may not realize that St. Elizabeth Medical Center is contributing resources for the good of the community. Yet that takes place numerous times and at many locations each year, in what has come to be known as “Community Benefit Activities”.

In support of the Medical Center’s Mission, staff members at all levels of the organization donate time and services to communities across the region. Along with hospitals across the state and nation, St. Elizabeth now monitors how our faithfulness to the regions population meets our local communities’ unique health needs.

Some of our recent community benefit activities are:

  • Charity care for people unable to afford services

  • Health education and illness prevention

  • Healthcare initiatives for at-risk youths

  • Free or low-cost clinics

  • Initiatives to raise awareness

Many of these activities are advanced in collaboration with community members and other organizations to improve health and quality of life.

Staff members at all levels of the organization donate time and services to communities across the region in support of the Medical Center’s Mission. While this has been ongoing since St. Elizabeth’s founding more than 146 years ago, only during the past seven years has the information been recorded. We can report with confidence that in 2012, at least 138 Medical Center employees donated 1,301 hours to meet specific community requests, interacting with 12,436 community members. These hours translate into a value of more than $39,272.

St. Elizabeth Medical Center employees are putting in extra time to help provide many of these outreach and community-based services within our area.

In addition, Patient Account Specialist also support patients in applying for Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance and Social Security, as well as working with Discharge Planners and the area's nursing homes and outpatient rehabilitation centers.

Total free care provided by the Medical Center in 2012 was $$10,850,000.

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