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Adam Ullman, RN, MPA, FASPR, Director

Physician Support Services Office
Mohawk Valley Health System: Faxton Campus
1676 Sunset Avenue
Utica, New York 13502

Phone: (315) 624-5495 or 1-800-809-4380
Fax: (315) 624-5473


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The Physician Support Services Office (PSSO) offers a variety of services to physicians and their office staff.

What does recruitment with PSSO include? 

Recruitment through PSSO enables medical offices to fill available positions for physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners within the medical community. Communication with established physicians and candidates is a thorough and ongoing process.

  • PSSO provides community and practice opportunity packets to candidates and assists with community visits (arrangements for transportation, hotels, meetings and tours).
  • PSSO provides physicians with access to information related to contracts, hospital credentialing and managed care credentialing.
  • Every effort is made to support spousal needs and ensure moves to the area are efficient and well-coordinated.
  • The PSSO staff provides a full spectrum of recruitment services for candidates and their families.

What other services are provided by PSSO?

  •  PSSO works with the VHA/Novation Professional Services Program to provide a link to discounted pricing on med/surg, general office, pharmacy and imaging supplies. Numerous other value-added options enhance the program.
  • In cooperation with our Education Department, PSSO generates a monthly mailing list of computer education training classes for physicians and their staff members. These classes provide training in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, keyboarding, medical terminology and much more.
  • Based upon physicians' input, PSSO offers educational training sessions to meet the needs of office staff. Topics for seminars are discussed and PSSO facilitates the workshops.
  • Through our association with Carlile Personnel, a staffing firm, medical office needs can be met for all non-clinical temporary, temp-to-hire and permanent placement staffing needs.

Contact Our PSSO Office:

Phone: (315) 624-5495 or 1-800-809-4380
Fax: (315) 624-5473

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