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926 York Street
Utica, NY 13502
Phone: 315-368-6777

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Melanie Padmanabhan, FNP-C

What is the School Based Health Center?
The School Based Health Center (SBHC) is a partnership between St. Elizabeth Medical Center and Kernan Elementary School. We provide quality primary healthcare services to enrolled Kernan Elementary students on site at the elementary school.

Is my Child Eligible?

Yes. All students attending Kernan Elementary Scool are eligible to enroll in the SBHC. Parents and family members are not eligible. Parents must complete an enrollment form in order to register their student(s) to receive services.

What Happens when School is Closed?

Services received at the SBHC are billed directly to the student's health insurance. 
Parents/ Guardians will have no out of pocket expenses for services provided on site at the Kernan Elementary School SBHC. If a student does not have health insurance, the SBHC staff will work with the family to enroll the child in Child Health Plus.

What if my Child has a Doctor?

If the Parent/ Guardian chooses to enroll the child in the SBHC, we will work with the child's doctor to provide healthcare services.

What Happens When School is Closed?
When school is closed during school vacations, days off, and summer vacation, Parents/ Guardians will need to contact the St. Elizabeth Family Medicine Center at 315-798-1149 for healthcare services or their child's doctor for healthcare that is not an emergency.

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