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Program Highlights

Unopposed Program

St. Elizabeth Family Medicine Residency Program is the only Residency training program, not only at St. Elizabeth Medical Center, but in our service area. This means that you will not be competing for learning experiences or the time and attention of attending physicians. Our physicians are committed to family medicine teaching and are readily available to you.

Flexibility of a large program for resident scheduling

The program works with residents first choice for vacations each year. We are able to change schedules frequently and work hard to accommodate resident’s personal and professional needs.

Work Hour Regulations are strictly enforced

On average, residents in the program work 57 hours a week which doesn’t even come close to the New York State 405 Work Hour Regulation maximum of 80 hours per week. Residents always have at least 1 day off in seven totally free of responsibility. The majority of weeks you will have 2 days totally free.

Away electives in PGY 3

In your final year of training, you will have the opportunity to travel for an away elective of your choice. You can travel anywhere in the US, Australia, or Canada, or the UK for three weeks of an away elective. If you choose to do your away elective locally, there are elective options that allow you to treat it as if you were away in order to spend the maximum amount of time on rotation.

Designated Priority Program

St. Elizabeth Family Medicine Residency Program has earned the designation of being a New York State Priority Program, because we place tremendous emphasis on Primary Care education. The curriculum is designed to emphasize both longitudinal and rotational exposure to continuity of care across the healthcare settings. This designation also means that at least 55% of our graduates go on to be primary care providers.

Dually accredited

Our Family Medicine Residency is accredited through both the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and through the American Osteopathic Association.

Resident Retreats

Each year residents get together with their classmates and a couple of attendings and head off campus to enjoy a day of team building, discussion, and growth. Each year’s trip is to a different location, but is a fun day to get away and release some energy.

Cultural Diversity

Since the Family Medicine Center is located only blocks from the Refugee Resettlement Center, we have opportunity to experience diversity from a portion of our patient population. You will be exposed to individuals from all over the world with a wide array of cultural backgrounds and medical conditions.

Meals provided

for all noon conferences and breakfast at AM report each day.


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