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The Education Program

The Curriculum covers the full spectrum of family medicine education, reflecting the requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, American Osteopathic Association, and American Board of Family Medicine.

Continuity of Care

Each resident is assigned a panel of patients in their first year to follow throughout the three years of training. Residents will provide primary care services for these patients and will be there for them if they are admitted to St. Elizabeth Medical Center for inpatient care. Residents also have the opportunity to follow their patients to specialty consultations when provided at the Family Medicine Center through the many specialty clinics offered. Additionally, because St. Elizabeth understands the importance of continuity of care, Residents are also available to attend continuity clinics even while participating in inpatient rotations.

After receiving extensive training in Obstetrics in the first year, Residents in their second year begin to follow a panel of OB/GYN patients providing primary and prenatal care throughout their pregnancy. Residents will follow these patients all the way to managing their labor and delivering their babies. Residents will also be there to provide primary healthcare to the new additions upon arrival.

Also beginning in the first year, residents provide Home Care to a small number of elderly and disabled individuals who qualify for the services of the Home Visit Program. Residents accompanied by a Family Medicine attending actually go to the homes of select continuity patients to provide care to homebound individuals. Beginning in the second year of training, residents also receive a panel of nursing home patients who they are responsible to provide primary care for the remainder of their training. This is done under the supervision of a Board Certified Geriatrician.

From the outpatient to inpatient setting; through pregnancy to delivery; and at home and in long term care facilities, residents will follow their patients through all stages of life and through the many transitions in care settings to become a well-rounded Family Medicine Physician.

Sessions are assigned at the FMC and WHC as follows:


Family Medicine Center Sessions ~ 1-2 sessions/wk


Family Medicine Center Sessions ~ 3 sessions/wk

Women’s Health Center Sessions ~ 1 session/wk


Family Medicine Center Sessions ~ 4 sessions/wk

Women’s Health Center Sessions ~ 1 session/wk


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