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The three major content areas for the Hospital Medicine Fellowship curriculum are:

  1. Hospital Medicine: Clinical Competency

  2. Hospital Medicine: Procedure Competency

  3. Hospital Medicine: Healthcare Systems Competency

Below is the month by month breakdown for I and II. The healthcare Systems Competency will be taught throughout the entire 12 months with extra stress on these areas in the fellows last two months of elective time. Procedure competency list below will entail each procedure being stressed during that particular month as listed below, however, will be taught throughout each month of fellowship. Documentation of each of these procedures will be mandatory with minimum accredited numbers of each procedure according to SHM guidelines must be met prior to graduation.

Click to view a pdf of the Monthly Curriculum.

Healthcare Systems

Health Care Systems will be stressed throughout each month of the fellows training. Special interest to these topics will be stressed in the last two months of the fellows training during the elective rotation time. All Health Care topics will be covered prior to graduation from program. Of note, there will be a total of 4 weeks Vacation and CME time allotted throughout the year. Position reports to Hospitalist Fellowship Director.

Click to view a lising of these Healthcare Systems.

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