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Meet Our Faculty/ Staff

Brian J. Fortuna
Program Director

  • Medical Radiography Diploma from University of Vermont Medical Center at Burlington

  • A. S.  Degree from Dutchess Community College at Poughkeepsie

  • B.S. Degree from  Western Connecticut State College at Danbury

  • M.S. Degree from S.U.N.Y. at Cortland

  • Over 40 years experience as a Medical Radiographer, School Program Director, and
    Imaging Department Administrative Director.

    Theresa Brindisi, A.S., R.T., (R)(M)
    Interm Clinical Coordinator

    Matthew King, R.T (R)

    VA Coordinator/ Financial Aid Coordinator
    Sherry Wojnas

    Samantha Rouillier

    Physician Faculty

    Raphael J. Alcuri, MD, Medical Director

    Roger P. Bowers, MD

    Maurice L. Oehlsen, MD

    Milind P. Desai, MD

    Sinu R. Paidy, MD

    Brain T. Burke, DO

    Adjunct Faculty

    Roberta Brockway, MSEd, R.T. (R)

    Doreen Rogers, MSN, RN, CCRN, CNE

    Stephanie Bouck, BS, RN

    Lisa Streeter, BS, RN

    Robert Tan, R.T. (R)

    Linda Kokoszki, R.N., B.S.N., CIC

    Frances Leo, R.N.

    Kevin Boyer

    Larry DeGeronimo, R.T.

    Nancy Traxell, R.N.

    Dr. Coriale, Pharmacy Director

    David Sebastian, B.M.T. Coordinator

    Filomain Talerico, M.S., R.N.

    Vivian Elsenbeck, R.N.

    Kelly Pritchard, R.N.

    Jan Simpson, P.T

    Clinical Instructors

    Christine A. Trafan-Wickham, R.T. (R) Rome Memorial Hospital

    Wendy Seufert, R.T. (R)(M), Imaging at St. Elizabeth Medical Arts

    Rene Wright, R.T (R) (M) Imaging at St. Elizabeth Medical Arts

    Alice Convertino, R.T. (R), Imaging at St. Elizabeth Medical Arts

    Patricia Manna R.T. (R) (M), Imaging at St. Elizabeth Medical Arts

    Mark Kohlbrenner, R.T. (R), Rome Memorial Hospital

    Tiffany Synakowski, R.T. (R), Rome Memorial Hospital

    Claudia Samarco, R.T. (R), Rome Memorial Hospital

    Leigh Rodgers, R.T. (R) Rome Memorial Hospital

    Kristin Nelson, R.T. (R) Mohawk Correctional Facility

    Christopher Harrison, R.T. (R)(CT) Mohawk Correctional Facility

    Lenora Trevisani, R.T. (R) Sister Rose Vincent Family Medicine Center

    Judy Homer, R.T.(R) Rome Medical Group

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