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Mission and Goals


Mission Statement

St. Elizabeth Medical Center School of Radiography is committed to providing excellence in academic and clinical education in the art and science of Radiologic Technology.  Our mission is to prepare and guide our students by providing the knowledge, clinical skills and critical thinking that will foster competent and compassionate Patient Care.

Program Goals and Outcomes

 The goals of the program include:

  1. The student will demonstrate critical thinking skills

  2. The student will demonstrate good communication skills

  3. The student will be clinically competent

  4. The student will grow and develop professionally

  5. The program will effectively meet the professional needs of the student and community.

The student learning outcomes include:
  1. The student will perform clinical procedures using critical thinking.

  2. The student will critique radiographic images.                                  

  3. The student will demonstrate effective verbal and written communication.

  4. The student will demonstrate proper radiation protection practices.

  5. The student will demonstrate professional behavior

  6. The student will develop self-confidence

  7. The student will understand ethical decision making.

  8. The graduate student will pass the ARRT national certification exam on the 1st. attempt

Core Values

St. Elizabeth Medical Center School of Radiography believes that each person possesses a set of values that express his or her relationship with each other and the patient.  As a professional in the field of radiologic technology, we believe that the following values reflect those of our school, staff and administration.

Caring, Respect, Excellence in Healthcare and Education, Loyalty to Our Code of Ethics, Honesty, Non-Descriminatory Patience and Understanding, Compassion

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