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Educational Facilities

A large classroom, Clinical Lab and a School Library are available to the students for their studying purposes. Students also have free access to the Medical Staff Library, the College of Nursing Library as well as the general libraries at the State University of New York at the Utica/Rome Campuses, Utica College of Syracuse University, Mohawk Valley Community College and Herkimer County Community College.

Library Facilities

This library in the College of Nursing contains texts, references, journals, etc., covering all aspects of Radiology, Patient Care and Management. Students will have several opportunities to utilize this facility throughout their training period.

Clinical Experiences

St. Elizabeth's School of Diagnostic Radiography offers a wide range of clinical experiences -- in the Clinical Lab and in the Medical Center. Students are rotated on a regular basis throughout the six diagnostic suites in the Department of Radiology, and are allowed ample time in surgery, special radiographic procedures, cystoscopy, tomography, computerized axial tomography, mobile and darkroom areas. The students are supervised on a 1:1 ratio in all phases of routine, specialized and emergency clinical functions. Other clinical sites include Imaging at St. Elizabeth Medical Arts, St. Elizabeth Family Practice, Rome Memorial Hospital, and Mohawk Correctional Facility.

Computer Accessibility

Computers with software appropriate to the educational needs of the student to include PACS and internet access. These programs are designed to enhance knowledge and provide a self-study format.

Residence Facility

St. Elizabeth School of Radiography does not have student living accommodations on its campus.

Day Care Opportunities

A child day care center called "Junior Junction" is located on the College campus. Employees and students of St. Elizabeth's are eligible to use this service, provided that space is available and financial arrangements are made in advance. Please contact the day care center at (315) 734-3017 for further information.

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