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St. E's Way


The St. E’s Way Initiative is an opportunity for employees to be recognized for ideas and efforts that go beyond their regular job duties and improve St. E’s patients, customers, or employee experiences.

March 2012

Nursing Department
The Nursing Department has begun a weekly initiative called “Wonderful Wednesdays” to improve morale, improve rapport and ultimately improve patient satisfaction. On Wednesdays, each unit has a board with staff names listed. Staff members are encouraged to recognize positive behaviors and actions by one another by indicating a marking under their name. Staff members with the most markings that day are recognized. The initiative has created positive response and team building.

Managers of Case Management, Utilization Review and Discharge Planning
Managers of Case Management, Utilization Review and Discharge Planning started a program to show appreciation for their hard-working staff. “Thankful Thursdays,” is a day to give thanks for each other. “I give thanks for...” comment cards were developed.

Staff members are encouraged to recognize and reinforce positive behavior. The idea grew; not only do the comment cards continue but toy stuffed turkeys are given when someone notices a good deed. At PACIT meetings, turkey-themed rewards are given to staff members, such as turkey pens.

April 2012

Nursing Department
The staff of the Acute Cardiac Care Unit (2C) developed a color-coded placard for each patient room explaining the color codes for various uniforms worn by staff. The card helps patients and visitors know the positions of staff members they encounter.

May 2012

ASC/PACU and OR Staff
The staff members of ASC/PACU and OR worked together to initiate a project to improve the communication process with families of patients having surgery. Families are issued a pager upon arrival, which allows them to walk around the Medical Center. The pager is activated whenever there is an update on the patient and the family returns to the Surgical Waiting Room. Families that have used the system have provided positive feedback.
Volunteer Department
The Volunteer Department partnered with Hamilton College Community Outreach and Opportunities Program (COOP) in an initiative call the Community Bookshelf Project. The College COOP program donated a large bookshelf to the waiting room at the Sister Rose Vincent Family Medicine Center and committed to regularly stocking the shelves. The project is designed to promote literacy in the community.

July 2012

Pediatric Orientation Progam
The Pediatric Orientation program for area first-grade students, has been redesigned and the new format will begin in September 2012. The new program is designed to enable non-clinical employees and volunteers to conduct the classes. Currently, there are 23 SEMC employees and volunteers enrolled in the train the trainer sessions. At the end of the training/ educational program, the group will be able to present the program to the school children.
The new program was organized and developed by Amanda Aiello, Case Management; Sue Cooper, Child Life; Sue Sardina, Marketing and Public Relations; and Filomain Talerico, Trauma. Employees from radiology, lab, pharmacy, case management, trauma, college of nursing, volunteer services, patient access, legal, administration, medical administration are enrolled to present the new program.Thanks you to all who are involved in the new program. The Medical Center began the original Pediatric Orientation program over 30 years ago.

August 2012

Patient Access Department
The staff of Patient Access implemented an outpatient testing itinerary form with location directions. When patients have multiple tests on the same day, there can be confusion in the sequence of testing and where they need to go. Patients are now provided with a schedule of their tests, complete with the time and directions to the testing location. This process also makes it easier for employees to help patients find their way. The process is working very well.
Speech Therapy Department
An educational/ instructional DVD was developed by the Speech Therapy Department for laryngectomy patients to take home upon discharge. The DVD gives a step-by-step demonstration of proper trach cleaning, as well as a segment about speech after a laryngectomy. Patients are given excellent instruction on trach/stoma care before leaving the hospital. However, with so much new information to absorb after surgery, a visual aid is helpful. Members of the Laryngectomy Support Group reviewed the video and suggested what they would like to know following surgery.

December 2012

PCU Unit
Our PCU Unit made signsfor each patient bedwith the name of theunit, patient’s roomnumber, the phonenumber of the nurse’sstation and the phonenumber for thepatient’s room. This gives the patients andtheir families an openline of communication.
Human Resources
The Human Resources (HR) Department created “HR on Wheels” to meet the needs of employees who work on the evening and night shifts.  On the 2nd Thursday of each month from 10 p.m. to2 a.m., two HR staff members will visit each department with a portable cart with forms that employee smay need. They are also available to answer questions. Staff members expressed appreciation for the service.
CTOR/CTOR Holding Area Staff
The CTOR/CTOR Holding Area Staff worked with the Volunteer Department to establish a Cardiac Companion Program. Volunteers meet patients and family members coming in for their pathway appointments.  Volunteers greet the patients, escort them from one testing area to another and offer reassurance. Patients have commented that they were grateful to have someone with them for moral support.

March 2013

Mike Gargas, KyleGiglio and MikeTomaino
The three men worked tirelessly with the utmost enthusiasm to ensure that the holiday meals for Dietary, the community sites and Medical Center employees, medical staff and volunteers were well orchestrated and enjoyed by all. In handling all of the details for three days of holiday meals, they each volunteered their time with no thought of taking time out to enjoy the festivities. More than 1,250 Medical Center caregivers were served a special Christmas lunch or breakfast in the cafeteria. Incredibly well-organized, hot meals were delivered to each of the community sites. TheDietary staff members who willingly took on the task of providing a special lunch for the rest of the staff were able to celebrate with a luncheon of their own.  Mike, Kyle andMike made sure that every detail was confirmed so others could enjoy the celebration.
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