Meaningful Use Documentation


St. Elizabeth has compiled a library of documents from the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) website that can assist Private Provider’s offices with registering, attesting and reporting to CMS to receive incentive payments and also avoid penalties that could be instituted if not using and reporting from a certified EHR (Electronic Health Record) system.

What is the EHR Incentive Program?

The EHR Incentive Program provides incentive payments for certain healthcare providers to use EHR technology in ways that can positively impact patient care. It’s important to know that the EHR Incentive Program is NOT a reimbursement program for purchasing or replacing an EHR. Providers have to meet specific requirements in order to receive incentive payments.

CMS has a number of quality improvement and incentive programs, but the EHR Incentive Program is a separate incentive program with different requirements. The EHR you use, and the information you submit for other programs may not meet the requirements of the EHR Incentive Program.

To receive an EHR incentive payment, providers have to show that they are “Meaningfully using” their EHRs by meeting thresholds for a number of objectives. CMS has established the objectives for “meaningful use” that everyone must meet to receive an incentive payment.

In other words, it’s not enough just to own a certified EHR. Providers have to show CMS that they are using their EHRs in ways that can positively affect the care of their patients. To do this, providers must meet all of the objectives established by CMS for this program. Then they will be able to demonstrate Meaningful Use of their EHRs and receive an incentive payment.


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