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Environmental Accomplishments

Combined Heat And Power Plant – In February 2012, the Medical Center began operation of an on-site combined heat and power (co-generation) plant that substantially reduces the facility’s natural resource usage and energy costs. The plant is expected to save the Medical Center over $500,000 per year in utility costs.

Mercury Equipment Elimination – All clinical equipment containing the toxic compound mercury has been removed from the facility and replaced with non-mercury alternatives.

Recycling – Over 200 tons of material is recycled each year including cardboard, paper, metal, electronic equipment, batteries, used oil, fluorescent lamps and plastic.

Reusable Sharps – Disposable sharps containers used for collection of used needles and other sharp objects in patient care areas were replaced with reusable containers.

Medical Waste Reduction – The quantity of regulated medical waste generated has been reduced by over 90% with better waste segregation efforts.

Single-Use Device (Sud) Reprocessing – An SUD reprocessing program was implemented to decrease medical waste generation and reduce costs by sending certain surgical and other medical devices that are designated for single use, but that have been approved for re-use, to a certified 3rd party re-processor.

Office Electronics – The IT Department continues to replace older high-energy usage computers, monitors, copiers and other office electronics with newer more energy-efficient, “greener” equipment.

Microfiber Mopping System – The Housekeeping Department replaced traditional mop & bucket floor cleaning with a microfiber mopping system that uses water and cleaners more efficiently. The system reduced annual water consumption by approximately 50,000 gallons and chemical cleaner usage by around 800 gallons.

Water-Savers – The Central Sterile Processing Department installed water saving equipment on their steam sterilizer and replaced their cart washer with a new unit that uses substantially less water, energy and detergent.

Green Cleaners – The Housekeeping Department switched to environmentally-preferable “green cleaners.” All of the products currently used are identified as “environmentally preferable” and three of them have earned Green Seal® certification.

Energy-Efficient Lighting – The Facilities Management Department has an ongoing program to replace traditional lighting with more energy-efficient fixtures and lamps inside and outside of the Medical Center. Additionally, occupancy sensors and timers are being deployed in some areas to reduce lighting usage in locations where continuous lighting is not required.

Blue Wrap Replacement – The Central Sterile Processing Department has begun obtaining aluminum hard cases for sterilizing surgical equipment sets. The reusable hard cases are used in place of disposable single-use polypropylene “blue wrap”.

Cafeteria Coolers – The Dietary Department worked with their beverage vendor to replace existing drink coolers with state of the art energy efficient units.

Paper Reduction – Various initiatives have been implemented throughout the Medical Center to reduce paper usage including: electronic records, reducing the use of multi-copy forms, using double-sided copies, allowing departments to opt-out of receiving hardcopies of routinely generated reports and several others.

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