NYS Trauma Center

A New York State designated Area
Trauma Center

The St. Elizabeth Medical Center began its New York State Designated Area Trauma Center on Friday, March 9, 1987. Our dedicated staff is committed to saving the lives of people in crisis. There is an average of 700 patients treated at the Trauma Center per year.

For a trauma victim, the first hours after an injury are when an accident victim’s chance of survival are greatest and is the time when any treatment for injury will be most effective. Prompt, effective medical care becomes a critical priority.

 A well-coordinated trauma system can mean the difference between life and death, or between permanent or temporary disability. All patients require attention in a timely manner, especially in an emergency setting. In trauma circumstances, time and availability of staff become crucial. As a New York State designated Area Trauma Center, St. Elizabeth Medical Center can deal with those highly critical patients who require a team working together.

St. Elizabeth’s Trauma team has initiated and continually expanded upon a series of programs to educate the Medical Center staff on trauma care and the community on injury prevention. The team has been involved in health fairs, television and radio programs, child safety awareness, traffic safety, bicycle safety, fall prevention and more.

The Trauma Center also participates in the New York State Trauma Registry, in which all pertinent data on trauma cases is recorded and analyzed. Such statistics can prove invaluable in evaluating and upgrading services to trauma victims.

St. Elizabeth Medical Center has hosted an annual Trauma Symposium since 1986. This is a day-long educational focused on a multidisciplinary approach to trauma care and awareness.

From public education meant to minimize trauma injuries to informing the community how to deal with emergencies and caring for trauma patients, St. Elizabeth Medical Center is available to meet the varied needs of our community.


NYS Trauma Center
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