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Frequently Asked Questions


When will I be able to start walking?
You will start walking the same day of surgery (or the next day, if your surgery is in the afternoon) with the assistance of a walker and hospital staff.

When will I leave the hospital?
Patients are usually discharged from the hospital approximately three days after surgery. For example, if your surgery is on Monday, you will be discharged on Thursday.

Do I have to go to a rehab facility?
No. Some patients choose to go home after the hospital. For these patients, a physical therapist or sometimes a nurse will come to the house to help with your rehab two to three times a week.

When will I be able to go back to work?
Your return to work depends on your specific situation. Different people recover at different rates. Also, different jobs require different levels of activity. If your employer is able to work with you for light duty or allow for periodic breaks for walking around, you may be able to return to work sooner. Time off can range from three weeks to three months, depending on the patient and the job.

When will I be able to travel?
For any travel by car during the first six to eight weeks after your surgery, you should make sure you stop every 45 minutes to one hour to get out and walk. This movement will help prevent blood clots.

You also may travel by plane six or eight weeks after your surgery. Make sure that you get up to walk every 45 minutes to one hour on the airplane. Consider requesting an aisle seat and to be seated last to minimize the time you spend sitting on the airplane.

Will I need blood thinners after surgery?
Yes, all patients are given a prescription for blood thinners. Continue to take this medicine until it is gone, unless directed otherwise.


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