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Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Prepare for surgery, what to expect
and post rehabilitation

Anterior Total Hip Replacement


St. Elizabeth Medical Center offers Anterior Total Hip Replacement Surgery.

This alternative to traditional hip replacement surgery provides
patients the potential for:

  • Less pain
  • Faster recovery - option for short stay, if qualified
  • Improved mobility - no hip precautions, compared to the standard approach

Unlike traditional hip replacement surgery, this technique allows the surgeon to work between the muscles and tissues without detaching them from either the hip or thigh bone.

Additional benefits to patients are: fewer restrictions during recovery, reduced scarring and stability of the implant sooner after surgery. Although every patient responds differently, the procedure helps many patients bend their hip and bear their full weight immediately, or soon after surgery. This is one of the first sites in the Central New York region to offer this advanced technique.

Hana® Table

This unique operating table lets the surgeon more effectively maneuver a patient's leg during surgery in order to position the hip socket, ball, and femur insert for the best fit. Use of the HANA table also allows the surgeon to take X-rays during the procedure which can be used to aid in the correct fit and placement of all components.

The HANA table used for Anterior Approach Hip Replacement at St. Elizabeth Medical Center.

St. Elizabeth Medical Center was also named a Blue Distinction Center for Knee and Hip Replacement from Excellus BlueCross BlueShield in March 2011 for demonstrating better overall quality of care and patient results in knee and hip replacement surgery. Staff earned this recognition again in 2012. In 2013, they earned BlueDistinction+ status for expertise in quality and cost efficiency in delivering special care. A large number of our orthopedic nursing staff has Certification in Orthopedic Nursing. Orthopedic pain-reduction techniques have also improved patients ability for light movement and recovery time.

Note: Designation as Blue Distinction Centers means these facilities’ overall experience and aggregate data met objectives criteria established in collaboration with expert clinicians’ and leading professional organizations’ recommendations. Individual outcomes may vary. To find out which services are covered under your policy at any facilities, please call your local Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Plan; and call your provider before making an appointment to verify the most current information on its Network participation and Blue Distinction status. Neither Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association nor any of its Licensees are responsible for any damages, losses, or non-covered charges that may result from using this resource or receiving care from a Blue Distinction provider.
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