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Advanced Wound Care of St. Elizabeth Medical Center Holds Open House For Healthcare Providers

February 7, 2013

Advanced Wound Care of St. Elizabeth Medical Center held an Open House for healthcare providers on Thursday, February 7. Advanced Wound Care is located in the St. Elizabeth Medical Arts building at 4401 Middle Settlement Road, New Hartford. Advanced Wound Care of St. Elizabeth Medical Center is the area’s only provider of comprehensive wound care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. It’s specialty-trained, wound care physicians and specialists at the center offer advanced healing therapies. This service is a collaboration of St. Elizabeth Medical Center and Healogics.

Other treatment therapies of wound care include: Bio-skin substitutes, growth-stimulating wound dressings and off-loading contact casts. These methods may be used for wounds that do not heal by themselves over a period of time.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a simple and effective treatment in which a patient breathes pure oxygen inside a pressurized chamber. The therapy quickly delivers high concentrations of oxygen through the bloodstream, which helps increase the body’s own natural wound-healing abilities.

The chamber has clear sides through which patients can see their surroundings, and is equipped with TV and videos. For most people, cuts and scratches heal within days or weeks. But for those whose natural healing process is hampered, a simple sore can become a complex medical problem.

Approximately 18.5 million Americans have diabetes and, of that population, about 1.8 million will suffer from a problem wound. Since Advanced Wound Care open in 2010, nearly 7,000 patients have been treated.

National Healing Corporation and Diversified Clinical Services, Inc. have joined together to form Healogics, which is the largest provider of wound care and related disease management in the country.

Photo identification: Jacob Roberts, Hyperbaric Tech slides a patient into one of three hyperbaric oxygen chambers.



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