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Town Of Webb Health Center Welcomes Technologist

August 23, 2013

St. Elizabeth Medical Center (SEMC) and its Medical Group announce that Alexandria Alsante, RT has joined the staff of the Town of Webb Health Center at 114 South Shore Road, Old Forge as a radiologic technologist/ lab assistant.  She attended St. Elizabeth School of Radiography and is completing her degree at Mohawk Valley Community College. 

Thomas Socash, MD, a longtime provider at the Town of Webb Health Center, continues to care for patients and St. Elizabeth Medical Center is continuing its efforts to recruit a second, full-time physician to assist the needs of the residents of the Town of Webb.

Recent acquisition of an AGFA CX-30 computerized radiology digitizer at the Health Center site will enhance the current radiology services by improving and standardizing image quality, reduce the radiation dose to the patient and expedite the interpretation of studies.  Each study will be transmitted electronically via secure internet connection to SEMC's Picture Archiving and Communication System and can be reviewed simultaneously by the attending physician and the radiologist at the Medical Center.  

The Town of Webb Health Center Fund, Inc. donated over $36,000 to St. Elizabeth Medical Center to upgrade the radiology equipment at the Center.  Radiology and laboratory services are also available Monday through Friday to all patients, not just those of the practice.

“This technology will eliminate the delay in interpretation caused by having to physically transport films to the Medical Center for reading,” said Robert Tan, RT (R), Manager of the Department of Radiology. “The technology should reduce the routine exam turnaround time from 72 hours to four hours.  Immediate consultation is now possible between the radiologist and the attending provider for any clinically significant findings.”

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