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Stretching For Golf

Most adults who golf on a regular basis know that stretching can help to reduce the occurrence of injuries sustained during the sport. However, there are different types of stretching, and it is important how and when you stretch.

Static stretching helps to increase flexibility, but more research has shown that static stretching before a sport that involves powerful movements can negatively impact performance. Static stretching can reduce how powerfully you can contract your muscles and, therefore, how far you can hit the ball.

Therefore, athletes are now being advised to warm-up with dynamic stretching and work on flexibility on off days or after a game. Below is a 10-15 minute dynamic warm-up to perform before golfing. It is important that it is performed within 5 minutes of tee-off because it will lose its effect if you spend 15-20 minutes waiting afterwards.



1.   Walk briskly for 3-5 minutes in the parking area or a quiet area of the course.


Supported Squats

1.   Hold a short club overhead with arms fully stretched above you.

2.   Squat down until thigh are parallel to the ground. Repeat 10 times.

3.   Rest and repeat again.


Golf Stretching Exercises

Arm Swings

1.   Stand tall holding arms out at your sides.

2.   Slowly swing your arms back and forth across the front of your body.

3.   Repeat for 30 seconds.

Trunk Rotations

1.   Stand with your feet at shoulders width and hold a club on your shoulders.

2.   Adopt a swing posture with knees slightly bent and a slight bend at the waist.

3.   Turn from side to side, trying to get the ends of the club in front of you with each turn.

4.   Perform a total of 15-20 full swings.

Side Bends with Club

1.   Stand with your feet at shoulders width and hold a club on your shoulders.

2.   Lean to one side keeping your torso straight. Try not to bend forward or backwards.

3.   Hold for a count of 2 and then repeat to the opposite side.

4.   Perform 8-10 stretches to each side.

Standing Shoulder Stretch

1.   Stand with your feet at shoulders width placing both hands at the end of a club.

2.   Lean forward keeping your back flat until a stretch is felt in your shoulders.

3.   Hold for 10 seconds and relax. Repeat 3 times.

Leg Swing

1.   Stand with your feet at shoulders width. Hold a club in one hand for balance if needed.

2.   Keeping your upper body straight, swing one leg forward and backward.

3.   Repeat 10 full swings and repeat on the other leg.

Alternate Toe Touch

1.   Stand with your feet spread apart as much as comfortably possible.

2.   Try to touch your foot with the opposite hand. This motion should be continuously alternated.

3.   Repeat 10-15 each foot. If you have a history of low back pain or if this stretch feels uncomfortable, please skip to the next stretch.

Wrist Extension

1.   Stand with your right arm extended straight out.

2.   Pull back your fingers with the other hand until a stretch is felt in your forearm.

3.   Hold for 10 seconds and repeat with the other wrist. Repeat again for each wrist.

Weighted Club

Using either a weighted club or 2 clubs held together, perform 10 complete swings. Do not stop between each swing. It should be one continuous motion.


Practice Swings

Perform 2-3 minutes of practice swings working on any techniques, or swing thought you have been given.
Do not
use a weighted club or 2 clubs at this step. You are now physically warmed up and can concentrate on sharpening your swing.

Reference – Portions of this program were taken from
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