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Room Service

Room Service is the new way for patients to receive meals. You can call Room Service when you are ready to eat, and your meals will be delivered within 45 minutes. Our phone lines are open from 6:45 a.m. to 6 p.m. for food. You may call until 7 p.m. to request cold sandwiches and beverages. To order your meal, make your selection from the Room Service Menu provided, then call ext. 6325. Your order will be taken by a member of our clinical staff in the Food Service Department. Not all menu items are appropriate for all diets, and you will be informed of this when you order. While you are a patient, your meal times or choices may be altered due to laboratory tests or other procedures. If you are placed on a special diet, your menu will be adjusted to reflect your dietary needs. Your nurse or a dietitian will discuss these changes with you. Please be assured that your suggestions and comments about the dietary service will be appreciated.

Telephone Service

Local telephone service is provided free. If you have a problem with the bedside telephone, dial O and the operator will assist you. Relatives and friends may call you by dialing the switchboard at 798-8100. The operator will connect callers to your extension. In order to protect your privacy, the St. Elizabeth operators will not furnish your direct number to callers. Public telephones are available on each floor and can be used by visitors for outgoing calls. Use of cellular phones is not allowed in areas where there are patient monitoring systems. Cell phones are permitted in Main Lobbies.

Television Service

St. Elizabeth Medical Center, in association with Telehealth Services, offers patients an instant and easy method for the rental of Television Service.

Television Rental Information:

The rate for Television Service is $5.00 per day.
Television rental includes all cable channels, plus a variety of education channels. Obtaining the service is as easy as using your telephone.

How to Activate Your Television:

To activate your television service, Dial 6500 and follow instructions. ** Upon activation, there will be a minimum of a one-day charge for the services selected.** Charges for Television service can be placed on a major credit card, a Pre-paid Telehealth Rental Card or on your home phone bill. There is a one-time fee of $3.50 to place the charges on your home phone bill. There is no additional fee to use your credit card or the pre-paid card. Once you have activated your service, you can call the rental system back at any time and stop service; or the service automatically will be cancelled upon discharge.

Pre-paid cards are available at a kiosk in the cafeteria.

If you move to another room, the service automatically follows you and will be activated in the new location. If you move to a non-rental room, the service automatically will be suspended until you return to a rental room. (While in a non-rental room, TV service is available at no charge.) You can view “Patient Education Channels,” closed circuit Channels 63, 64 and 65, without renting television service. Each television set is equipped with a pillow speaker for your personal use.

Please keep the television volume low in consideration of others around you.

The use of personal television sets is not permitted at St. Elizabeth Medical Center. If you need assistance activating your service, contact your nurse. If you have a broken pillow speaker, television or telephone, Dial 0 and someone will assist you.

Wireless Internet Service

Wireless Internet service is available within the Medical Center. 

ATM Machine

An ATM machine is located on the first floor in the cafeteria.


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