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Accomplishments of the Council

The Council has assisted MVHS in:

  • Reviewing internal and external brochures including a visitor’s guide and map

  • Discussing the development of a brochure related to the function, responsibilities, and proper identification of the Hospitalists

  • Creating a coffee station, supervised by a volunteer, for visitors of patients in the ICU.

  • Making recommendations to the Rapid Response Team that empower staff, family, and patients to request additional assistance when they have a concern about a patient’s condition

  • Installation of dry erase/bulletin boards by each patient’s bed to facilitate a visual for patients/families. The boards list the name and title of the current caregivers

  • Adding railings in certain areas to help prevent falls

  • Adding hooks in some restroom stalls to hang personal belongings

  • Involvement in current projects occurring within the Medical Center

Members of the Council now serve on:

Community Design Team, Customer Service Design Team, and the Patient Safety Team. The goal is to keep Council members informed, as well as to add the voice of the Patient/Family to these different hospital work groups.

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